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My services are designed to allow nonprofit organizations to clearly communicate the impact of their programs and measure their successes.  I can provide comprehensive guidance and support across all of the following areas, or work with your organization in the specific areas that you select.

Grant Writing

As a fund development professional, I have successfully secured funds from family foundations, corporate giving funds, state government and federally-funded programs, in amounts ranging from $500 to $500,000.  I provide a full range of grant services, including:

•Composing letters of inquiries, narratives and full proposals

•Gathering and compiling supporting research

•Drafting updates and reports

•Review and editing of draft proposals

•Developing supporting materials, including logic models, budgets, timelines and organizational profiles.

Report Writing

In addition to drafting traditional grant reports, I can work with your organization to develop reports and factsheets that will highlight the success of a specific program or provide updates on strategic plans for funders or constituents.

Logic Model Development

Logic Models provide organizations with a concise way to visualize how program activities, resources and constraints are being utilized to achieve goals and fulfill missions. I can assist your nonprofit in positioning new services or outlining established programs within this new standard to meet funder needs, streamline operations and help staff, volunteers, and donors gain a better understanding of the short-term and long-term benefits of your programming. 

Outcomes-Based Program Evaluations

Outcomes-based evaluation looks at the changes or differences observed in your target audience or clients after taking part in programming or receiving services. I can help your organization develop, and implement, outcomes based evaluations that will provide you with improved understanding of how, and how effectively, your mission is being achieved. Outcomes-based evaluations are also useful in today’s increasingly competitive grant process, as they can provide foundations and donors with an analytical measure of confidence that your programs and services are making a difference.

Surveys & Analyses

Surveys play an important role within market analysis, needs assessment, and client and customer satisfaction. I can assist your organization with developing and conducting surveys that will produce valuable, relevant results and information.

Expert Advice & Trainings

I can readily assist with review, editing and analyses of any of the above products created internally by your organization. This is an excellent option for well-staffed organizations with limited experience in these areas or more limited budgets. Trainings and conference presentations may also be arranged.

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I am happy to provide samples of my work, including grants applications, grant reports, logic models, factsheets, program evaluations, surveys,  conference and training presentations and more.  Simply contact me directly to receive a portfolio illustrating my full range of services or within a specific area of service.


Prospective clients are always invited to speak with the organizations I have assisted. References and recommendations are readily available upon request.

Recommendations can also be viewed on my Linked In profile.


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